A Few Selected Lyrics


Me and You

if I were the queen’s knight and you the lady blue 

we’d meet at dawn at first light, place fate in love that’s true  

wander o’er the golden glade into the shady wood 

onto a fair and peaceful folk who’d help us if they could

if they could  

now the story changes

ooo it changes

still side by side, side by side  

if I were a fervent scratcher, then you would be my itch 

or a wandering worldly mongrel and you my only bitch

bones and scraps we’d seek em out, find shelter from the rain 

howling at the moon outside some sleeper’s windowpane  

now the story changes,   

ooo it changes,    

still side by side, side by side

I can see us there together in a forest woodland dream

our roots entwined forever 

by our friend the dancing stream

through sun and snow the seasons change and life and death renew 

we’d come and go in a wink of time our love the only clue  

now the story changes,

ooo it changes,

still side by side, 

side by side

and you the Kimosabi

me Tonto at your side 

bring justice to the wild west and through the canyons ride 

different and together, 

great power in the match 

I will go out on the limb knowing you will watch my back

you watch my back  

now the story changes

ooo it changes

still side by side

side by side

and if I were a minstrel playing in a fine club band 

I would sing these songs for you and you would understand 

this life, love and family are too much to believe 

these blessings stowed upon us a sacred mystery

Hey Babe

Hey babe, get on board, sit down next to me 

We got a ways to go, you want some company? 

You’re standing there, a vision on the platform 

Your laughing eyes are burning into me 

You look like you’d be better off with someone 

I’m sitting here beside an empty seat  

Hey babe, can you spare a little feeling for me? 

I’d like to keep your keep your company Can we take this further than my dreams 

Find some of those moments in between  

Hey babe, don’t walk on by, sit down next to me 

This train is moving and we’ll see what we’ll see 

And all those things they’re going by forever 

And I know they don’t all come with a smile 

I know I probably won’t be here forever 

But I know we can give it a good try  

Hey babe, share a little feeling with me? 

What’s that trace of sadness I see? 

Give me the time with you to be 

Let me get you smiling with me 


Hey babe, look outside, ooh you’re sound asleep 

Your head’s on my shoulder, buried in real deep 

I wish that I could follow you down in there 

Share your dreaming with you for a while 

I could hold you like this now forever 

Going on and on like this in style  

Hey babe, can you spare a little feeling for me? 

We’ll ride this train down to the sea 

Looking out the window you and me 

Live in those moments in between

Tremble (By Alan Sugar)

Whether I fail or I achieve, 

I am far from my potential 

Why am I afraid to believe,  

to see what is essential? 

I want to be the wind the rain 

for I know what they are worth 

And like the waving of the grain  

I tremble before the earth  

Who made the clouds the changing sky? 

Who made it all so blue? 

he bugs that crawl the birds, that fly 

I tremble before you 

Why am I always dreaming of 

each tree and every stone? 

Whatever I cherish becomes my love  and I am not alone  

I tremble at the flower opening at my feet It springs from the ground  

With great light and power 

So perfect and complete 

Food and shelter and earthly needs 

Seem second to this embrace 

The fish in a pond are just silver beads 

Around my lovers face  

I tremble at what I understand  

and what I can't explain 

Perhaps one day I'll take a hand  

That will ease my fear and my pain 

That will ease my fear 

That will ease my fear and my pain, 

That will ease my fear 

My fear and my pain, 

That will ease my fear  

That will ease my fear and my pain

i ching


thunder on the mountain 

seeking substance- eat up

but don’t eat too much

don’t talk too much

in many ways we absorb- from many sides- many things

be careful what you let enter

all those things all together fill your soul

shape your intuition

decide your emanation

good stuff gives you a reliable guide

I know nothing


clouds rise up 

waiting for the rain to stop

creativity can’t be controlled

wait open and quiet and it comes

the sky clears


acting at the right time

we hold the door

but things happen in ways beyond us

beyond our influence

beyond our experience

beyond our intelligence

beyond our inheritance

beyond the confluence of everything we know

and everything that we thought we knew

We know nothing


most important 

most direct 

the ruler and the people

heaven and earth in peace

from small proceeds, great comes up

below the moon the wind blows 

open your mind for blessings

some people find things

in places where many have been before 

out there on the threshing floor

maybe lost in some revolving door

trying to figure out what we came here for

We know nothing…

Evil in the Soul of Man Lurks

evil in the soul of man lurks

evil in the soul of man works 

last night I slept sound and deep

the room was cool and safe the keep

and in their beds my children sleep

evil in the soul of man lurks 

woke up to coffee and the blues

as they reported more war news

and in the church they fill the pews

evil in the soul of man lurks

fundamentalism lives

hearts unable to forgive

wrongs from wrongs in narrative

evil in the soul of man lurks

so we raise the flag in ignorance

and love and peace they have no chance

we go alone in arrogance

evil in the soul of man lurks

cut me loose and ease this pain

it’s like I’m trapped on some wrong train

and wash me down the gentle rain

evil in the soul of man lurks

Why Don't You People Stop?

violence rages in paradise

for the sake of what do we pay that price

somebody's child he kills his brother

no sense of connection to the other

lost and empty and seeking power

words of hatred in Babel's tower

in the name of money beyond our need

in the name of god 

we're blind and make them bleed

in the name of progress we kill the sky

why don't you people stop and wonder why

I remember the sight of the earth from space

we could see us all there in one place

maybe they're right and we've become a plague

well then we’ll just kill ourselves 

and be gone some day

why don't you people stop and wonder why x4

in the name of peace we go to war

in the name of fairness we ignore the poor

to make us safe we make more guns

get what you can we teach our sons 

why don't you people stop 

why don’t you don’t you people stop

why don't you people stop 

why don’t you people stop

and wonder why?


Here's to Our Someday's Today

the road’s been calling me

I’m a goner in her eyes

she smiles and fades and her silence pulls like nothing else

all these years walking in the shade 

following the pull of this life I’ve made

no regrets, at least that are real

this complex conundrum in the moment I feel

maybe this don’t make much of a song

it’s what I’ve got

about where I belong

I know your sad tale Townes

so much in the words of life 

in the hole kind of makes me want to follow you down

but then no, no, no way in hell 

would I buy your purgatory, friend, 

for some words on the page or behind the guitar

even up on the stage


I’ve got a love

I’ve got a life

guess I’ll just keep coming home to my kids and my wife

here’s to our someday’s today

here’s to our someday’s today

here’s to our someday’s today

so I sit on the couch with my boy and his game

there’s wood on the fire and I write on this page

a sad smile for the choices we made

there’s what we gave up 

and there’s all that we gained

we know that someday it’ll all go away

well, here’s to our somedays and our someday’s today 

here’s to our someday’s today

here’s to our someday’s today

here’s to our someday’s today