Shades of Gray is a group of guys who have played together for 2 decades in various bands, projects, gatherings, basements, porches, synagogues, parties, etc.   We now have four CD's and are currently working on our fifth. 

Ten years ago Jeff's wife, Lisa, gave him two days in the studio with outstanding engineer and now friend, Burt Wolff, at Wolff Brothers Post. We strayed and produced our second album at Zac, another studio in town, but came back for our next two. All band members have families and day jobs so any thoughts of being a famous rock band were quickly dismissed. We play out some but have focused on our work in the studio. Lyrics have all been written by Jeff with a couple of exceptions where he co-wrote the songs. Musical arrangements start with Jeff's melodies and chord progressions and are then refined and altered by the band. 

The influence of the online community at icompositions.com should be acknowledged here. Many of these songs owe their existence to the inspiration, collaboration, friendship and support that Jeff found there. His artist tag is J0J0 (J-zero-J-zero).   

So, the name of the band has an interesting history. We called ourselves Shades of Gray initially in reference to our age and hair color and of course the poetic double entendre. Later, out came the popular and disturbing book and subsequent movie, 50 Shades of Grey. We released our third album, You Never Get Done under the name, Shades, but switched back for our forth. We decided that we can put up with an occasional wink, wink, "shades of gray, eh?" as we go forward. We are proud of our recent fourth album. Two new members joined; Ned on backing vocals and Steve on violin really added awesome new dimensions to our sound. George coproduced the project with Jeff which made the whole thing possible. As always we had a lot of fun and appreciate your listening.