Upcoming Gigs

Bluetop Restaurant and Bar

Bluetop Restaurant and Bar - Friday August 16th at 8 pm

5362 Peachtree Rd.

Chamblee, GA

Arrive early as the food is great here at Bluetop.

About Us

Our Story

Shades of Gray is an Atlanta band, started by Jeff Jones, a singer and songwriter whose mutual friends happened to be some pretty good musicians.  For over a decade, he’s brought the band together to jam out in his Atlanta basement where we have spent many a weekend working on original music.  Shades of Gray has four CDs to its credit and a fifth in production now.  While generally elusive, the band can occasionally be spotted at local festivals, taverns, and coffee shops.

Our Inspiration

We try to inspire others and create positive change through our music. Whether it's playful melodies and lyrics that speak to family and friendship or tackling serious social issues, when you listen, we hope you will feel changed in some way. Could be you just feel better than you did or perhaps you're inspired to change the world.

Our Sound

People tell us they hear Grateful Dead, CSNY, Tull, even Zeppelin. Shades of Gray is a unique Atlanta band that mashes up improvisional jamming, funky time signatures, unplugged fiddle and mandolin with acoustic and electric guitars and thoughtfully enigmatic lyrics, to create a fresh, eclectic sound that is at once familiar but defies categorization.